Annual Rental 

The ideal cost effective solution to your internet connectivity needs
at your secondary residence in Switzerland!

iSpot Connect Flex is an annual rental of an iSpot Connect hotspot, delivered to any address in Switzerland. The Flex subscription includes 36 days of usage during the annual rental.

A day of usage is considered to be any day (midnight to midnight) during which traffic is generated. You keep the iSpot Connect hotspot for a year and turn it on and use it on the days when you need internet connectivity. A quarterly usage report will be emailed to you to indicate days used.

This subscription can only be paid using a credit card. Extra days of usage above the 36 days will be billed to your credit card at CHF 3.30 per day at the end of every month and you will receive an invoice via email detailing the transaction.

As with all Swiss iSpot Connect rentals, the rental price includes unlimited internet connectivity. No daily limits and no bandwidth restrictions.


UNLIMITED DATA with all iSpot Connect Rentals!
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No bandwidth restrictions

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